7 Reasons You Should Get Back Into the Pool As A Masters Swimmer

Photo Courtesy: Annie Grevers

By Alec Scott, Swimming World College Intern

There is nothing quite like swimming. Once you are done racing competitively it can be hard to fill that void. Masters is a great way to get back into it and have some fun along the way. Here are seven reasons to consider making your comeback with your local masters team:

1. It is a great way to stay in shape.

Whether you were a club, college, or rec swimmer growing up it does not matter– masters swimming will get you into better shape. No matter how long you have been out of the pool it is never too late to get back into swimming. My dad took 25 years off following college, started swimming masters again at age 45. Now, 12 years later, he routinely goes to nationals and even coaches a couple times a week.

2. It is a great way to meet new people.

Photo Courtesy: Cokie Lepinski

Photo Courtesy: Cokie Lepinski

I have only been coaching masters for a little while and swam the odd practice with my dad but one thing that I immediately noticed about masters was the camaraderie. Some people have book club or poker night to connect with friends, swimmers have masters swimming. Most likely your swimming teammates are some of your closest friends and masters swimming is no different in that regard. It is a great way to connect with people who have similar life experiences.

3. You can reconnect with old friends.

Every year, when my dad gets home from nationals, he has a story about seeing a former teammate or someone who he used to race against in college. That’s what masters is really all about– reminiscing with former teammates and meeting new people.

4. No matter your age racing will always be fun.


Photo Courtesy: FINA Kazan2015

Racing is what brings everyone back to swimming. It can be physically and mentally challenging to make it through training sometimes but it is all worth it when we get to go out and race. Masters is no different. Sure, the training is easier and the racing is low pressure, but it will still get you feeling excited and ready to compete. The best thing about masters is that the results don’t matter– everyone is just out there to have fun and do some racing along the way.

5. It is easier to work out with a team.

Working out on your own is tough. It is difficult to get motivated to work out and even more difficult to push yourself. Swimming with a masters team solves that and brings back that friendly competition in practice all swimmers know and love.

6. Masters meets are a good excuse for a vacation.


Photo Courtesy: FINA Kazan2015

Want to go to Puerto Rico? How about racing in 2015 World Championships competition pool and staying in the athlete village in Kazan, Russia? Masters Nationals and World Championships can be a great excuse for a little vacation. And the championships are often held at awesome sites like the ones mentioned above.

7. Above all, it is an easy way to get back in touch with the sport you love.

Swimming is unique in that most people will never understand the grind that training and racing competitive swimming is. Despite the years of hard training, most swimmers look back on those times fondly. Masters is not as serious as college or club training but it can help you get back in touch with the parts of the sport that you used to love.


  1. Jess Hanch

    Matthew Turkot – hurry hurry! The water is calling!

  2. Nicole Vivienne

    Annie, too bad there isnt a swim club closer to home

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    Michael Carlson

    Ok not sure on #4 as I am totally freaking out about an upcoming event on Saturday! 0:00.04 seconds faster than second place. Do I shave or not? Should I have tappered? Oh god, am I ready? Should get state record, but will get top 1, 2 or 3? What should I eat?
    Yea, #4 definitely doesn’t apply to me lol

    • avatar
      Alec Scott

      I think nerves are part of the fun!

    • Meg Perron

      Ok fine let’s do it

    • Meg Perron

      Imagine doing more than a 25 of fly ??☠️

    • Kylie Youmans

      Meg Perron hahaha omg I forgot butterfly was a thing

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      But also so are dolphin dives and Hawaiian breaststroke and reverse freestyle

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      Meg Perron maybe reverse would have helped in wetsuit

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    Isabelle Scott

    Great article Alec!

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      Lol who actually knows. Ah to swim again actually wouldn’t mind it

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    Cindy Peters Bathalter here you go. A few reasons for you! Haha!

  6. Jodi Mavrinac

    If i can get use of my shoulder again i will be back in the water this summer.

  7. Jill Straton

    David is going on Friday! I saw his new costume, not sure if Norwich is ready….. but very happy he is venturing back. Watch out now for future master galas!

    • Greg Straton

      Super proud of David, he just needs to take it one stroke and one length at time. Can’t wait to race him in the future. I know they do a gala once a year in Norwich which is open to all comers.

    • David Straton

      And you will be in the same age category as me. I think it will take at least 6-12 months before we get there

    • Greg Straton

      I found it very tough to begin with, had to learn to be patient with myself and that I wasn’t going to be as quick as I was straight off the blocks. Just enjoy it noems.

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    Phil Payne

    Nice article Alec. Is there a minimum age for Masters swimming?

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      Hahah everything I said then. Dooo itttt. We’ve got national masters in 3 weeks in Sheffield, should be great fun Friday to Sunday… everyone meets in the pub on the Friday and also a big Chinese or something on the Sat night. You should be there next year Nello. ??

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