UNLV Swimmer Jacklyn Scheberies Helps Prevent Drowning of 16-year-old

Photo Courtesy: Craig Lord

Jacklyn Scheberies found herself in the right place this week to play the hero and prevent the drowning of a 16-year-old boy.


Jacklyn Scheberies Photo Courtesy: UNLV Athletics

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Scheberies, a rising sophomore on UNLV’s women’s team, was swimming with friends at Beale Falls, a natural swimming hole in Nevada County, California. Scheberies was in the water when Francisco Chavez, 16, made a 70-foot jump from a cliff, landed wrong and apparently lost consciousness. Scheberies and her three friends swam to Chavez, pulled him from the water and waited for a helicopter to arrive to transport him to a hospital.

“I’m still replaying it in my mind. Wrapping my head around what we did, and how we did it,” Scheberies said. “I’m very proud of our friendship of how we came together so perfectly and saved someone.”

Chavez suffered a sprained knee, sprained neck and a concussion. He’s a rising senior at Live Oak High School in Sacramento and a lineman on the football team.

“I’m just so thankful for them. They’re literally like my guardian angels,” Chavez said. “I’m going to keep in contact with them probably for the rest of my life.”

Scheberies is a distance swimmer from Castro Valley, Calif., some three hours from Beale Falls, which is northeast of Sacramento in the relatively remote interior of the Golden State. Scheberies attended Castro Valley High School and swam for the San Ramon Sharks. Scheberies and her friends, Lauren Francis, Sarah Livingston and Malia Henry, swam together in high school. Henry is a former lifeguard.

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  1. avatar

    Truly at the right place and time… these young women are lifelong friends brought together through swimming… signed a proud uncle

  2. Sharon Davis

    Praying for a full recovery. Thank you ladies for stepping up to help ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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