Toronto Titans Final ISL Roster: Kayla Sanchez, Anastasia Fesikova Out

Eli Wall; Photo Courtesy: Ian MacNicol

The Toronto Titans Thursday revealed their final roster for the 2020 International Swimming League season, the first for the expansion side. It involves three changes from the early September league-wide unveiling of rosters. The big changes include the absence of Anastasia Fesikova and Kayla Sanchez, both bowing out due to injuries.

Sanchez, an Ontario native who swam for Energy Standard last year, was one of the first signings by the expansion side. The 19-year-old sprinter, who has a shoulder injury, offers lots of versatility and had the potential to be a leader for the Titans. Fesikova won the silver medal in the women’s 200 backstroke in the 2012 London Olympics and would’ve been a valuable backstroke and relay piece.

The Titans were able to add one league veteran in South African Tayla Lovemore, who swam for the New York Breakers last year. British swimmer Candice Hall and Brazilian Olympian Jhennifer Alves de Conceicao step into the roster.

The only change on the men’s side is the absence of Italian Alberto Razzetti over federation issues. In his place are University of Toronto grad Eli Wall and Russian veteran Daniil Pasynkov.

Toronto Titans roster

(2019 ISL team in parenthesis)


  • Alexander Krasnykh, Russia
  • Andriy Govorov, Ukraine
  • Anton McKee, Iceland
  • Blake Pieroni, USA (LA Current)
  • Brent Hayden, Canada
  • Cole Pratt, Canada
  • Daniil Pasynkov, Russia
  • Elijah Wall, Canada
  • Erik Persson, Sweden
  • Finlay Knox, Canada (London Roar)
  • Jay Lelliot, United Kingdom
  • Mack Darragh, Canada (NY Breakers)
  • Michael Chadwick, USA (LA Current)
  • Sergey Fesikov, Russia
  • Shane Ryan, Ireland (LA Current)
  • Yuri Kisil, Canada (London Roar)


  • Anika Apostalon, Czech Rep. (DC Trident)
  • Anya Egorova, Russia
  • Candice Hall, United Kingdom
  • Claire Fisch, USA
  • Emily Overholt, Canada (NY Breakers)
  • Jhennifer Alves, Brazil
  • Jocelyn Ulyett, United Kingdom (Energy Standard)
  • Julie Meynen, Luxembourg
  • Kelsey Wog, Canada (Cali Condors)
  • Kylie Masse, Canada (Cali Condors)
  • Lisa Bratton, USA (DC Trident)
  • Louise Hansson, Sweden
  • Michelle Coleman, Sweden
  • Rebecca Smith, Canada (Energy Standard)
  • Tayla Lovemore, South Africa
  • Tess Cieplucha, Canada


  • Rob Kent, Canada, GM
  • Dylan Kent, Canada, Assistant GM
  • Mia Nonnenberg, USA, Team Manager
  • Byron MacDonald, Canada, Head Coach
  • Vlastimil Cerny, Canada, Assistant Coach
  • Dave Johnson, Canada, Home Coach
  • Tom Johnson, Canada, Home Coach
  • Sergey Terasov, Russia, Home Coach
  • Lukas Brandmeier, Germany, Home Coach
  • Antonio Lutula, Sweden, Home Coach
  • Stephanie Coughlan, Canada, Physiotherapist
  • Daniel Fox, USA, Physiotherapist

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