The Morning Swim Show: Erik Hochstein, Jeff Commings Talk About New Masters World Records

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 11. TWO Masters world record holders talk about their fast swims from last weekend on this edition of The Morning Swim Show.

First, host Peter Busch talks to Olympic bronze medalist Erik Hochstein, who set three world records at the Southern Pacific Masters championships in Long Beach, California. Hochstein talks about setting the world records and how another Masters swimmer deprived him of the opportunity to hold two other records. He also talks about his days swimming at the Seoul Olympics with Michael Gross and why he came to the United States to swim at the University of Southern California.

Swimming World TV associate producer Jeff Commings joins Busch on the show to talk about the world records he set last weekend, also in Long Beach. Commings relives the swims and details the process by which Masters world records are approved.

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