Swimming World Magazine Cover Man Cesar Cielo Answers Fan Questions About Training, Pre-Race Rituals

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 21. CESAR Cielo and adidas were so excited about the April issue of Swimming World Magazine featuring Cielo on the cover and in an extensive feature that another collaboration resulted in the Olympic champion answering fan-submitted questions in a new video.

Through the hashtag “#AskCesar” on Facebook and Twitter, Swimming World fans were able to ask Cielo practically anything. Swimming World compiled the questions and sent them to Cielo and his team at adidas during Cielo’s visit to the sports apparel’s headquarters in Germany.

The questions ranged from training tips to pre-race rituals. Apparently, Cielo can do 50 long course meters of flutter kick in 31 seconds, and he picked up his cheat-beating routine from Olympic weightlifters.

Special thanks to adidas for their help in creating this video, a big thanks to Cielo for answering questions and congratulations to the fans that got their questions answered by the fastest swimmer on the planet!