Swim Coach Jeff Julian Announced Scans Are Cancer-Free

Cal men's swimming team supporting Jeff Julian; Photo Courtesy: #TeamJeff

Veteran swim coach Jeff Julian announced via his blog on Tuesday that his most recent scans came back cancer-free after a six-month battle with adenocarcinoma.

Julian announced last September that he had been diagnosed again with cancer. He successfully fought the disease in 2015 and geared up, with his vibrant #TeamJeff community, for another fight.

After last updating his blog in March that he was feeling better and being optimistic that this was good news for his latest scans, he still expressed surprise to have them come back “no evidence of disease, saying, “it floored me.”

Julian continued:

It’s all still a bit crazy to me. I read that report over 2 weeks ago now, and I think I am still processing it. Celebrating above all else of course, but there’s really this crazy range of emotions and feelings that go along with it. Relief from having this hanging over your head all the time. That was a weird one, as I felt it physically in my shoulders and arms as things just seemed to “let go”. Then there’s what I can only compare to as survivors’ guilt. Twice now I’ve stared having a year left and now twice seeming to get a new lease on life that so few get in my situation. It’s humbling when you allow yourself to process it that way. Being able to allow yourself to see into the future just a little bit further than you’ve been allowing yourself during this process. That light now shines a little longer into the future. The joy of being here with my family and getting to see my pride and joy do his thing. Getting to be in awe of Trenton’s process, his drive, and his ability to handle anything and everything that is thrown at him… and to be better for it. Being able to plan a future with K, for us. Knowing what’s important, what we have to offer, and making sure the focus is on our own wellness in the process. …

So, with a huge smile on my face, a heart full of happiness and love, and a feeling of gratefulness that I will never be able to accurately describe, I share this news and thank all of you for being a part of my journey, supporting me, sending positive vibes and prayers, and every little thing that has meant so much to me. For now, it appears, We Did It!

Read the rest on Jeff’s blog.