Long-time Swim Coach Jeff Julian Reveals New Battle with Cancer

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Julian

Jeff Julian, a veteran swim coach currently with Rose Bowl Aquatics and the ISL’s Cali Condors, announced this week via his blog that he’s been hospitalized with adenocarcinoma.

Julian first battled cancer in 2015, overcoming long odds to survive Stage 4 lung cancer. He’s broadcast his battle publicly, though his the TeamJeff organization, to offer hope for others. In addition to continuing to coach, including returning to his alma mater USC for a stint, he’s become a public speaker, helping others navigate health challenges.

Julian won’t be on the staff of the Condors this season, according to the release by the ISL Thursday morning. Replacing him as head coach is Jonty Skinner with Allison Beebe, Sean Schimmel and Brian Shrader as assistants.

This week’s diagnosis presents another challenge for Jeff Julian to conquer. From his blog:

This rocked me a bit though. Disappointed, bummed, scared, and any number of things describe my feelings when I heard the news, but you can trust in one thing, I will never give up HOPE. And if I have HOPE, then I am going to fight with everything I have to kick this thing to the curb. So, in normal fashion, I can’t just sit around, so instead it was time to notify some people first. Kristine obviously first, but then the always toughest one was talking to Trenton. It crushes me to negatively impact his life at all, but as I told him, the best thing he can do for me is for him to do his thing.

The tumor is in Julian’s gastrointestinal system and has been causing weeks of pain, weight loss and digestive issues, including a partial blockage of the GI tract. Julian wrote on his blog that bypass surgery is required. He’s spent the week on his blog – Monday’s post was the ominous, “Another fight coming …” – relating some of the issues he’s dealt with in recent weeks, in his usual blunt and unvarnished style, with moments of levity included.

Not diminished in his telling is a sense of hope that is the cornerstone of Julian’s life. From the blog:

As always we focus on the things we can control and take the rest as information. This isn’t going to be as straight-forward as I was hoping, but it also isn’t going to change the final result. It just means that it is time for me to work my process, learn and adjust, and then keep fighting until I have the result I want.

I believe…

I am strong…

I am ready…

And I will WIN!

Jeff Julian finished Monday’s post with a message that presaged the updates of the week ahead. He’ll continue to update friends and colleagues on his status via the blog. But his initial forays into this battle show a hope that he’s displayed throughout his very public battles with cancer:

5 years ago I promised myself to never give up HOPE again, and I have no intention of doing so now. It’s a tough time with all that is going on, but I consider my ability to be positive in the face of anything that is thrown my way to be what I am all about, so that is my focus. We will stay positive, hold HOPE as the strength it is, and be ready to fight for everything. If cancer thought I was tough last time, I’m coming after this with everything I have to get past it and back to living my life.

Belief, Hope, and Strength…. Here we go!

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    Tom & Debby Wiederhold

    For some reason we we’re thinking of you tonight
    When we were in Arcadia swimming with the Riptides swim team our sons always looked up to you as a big brother. If I remember you were Scott’s big brother
    We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to you and your family.
    Stay strong
    Tom Wiederhold

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