#TEAMJeff GoFundMe Started to Support Jeff Julian’s Cancer Battle

Cal men's swimming team supporting Jeff Julian; Photo Courtesy: #TeamJeff

Longtime swim coach Jeff Julian announced last month that he’d been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. Now a GoFundMe has been created to help him with his treatment expenses.

Julian survived a battle with stage 4 lung cancer in 2015. This time, the diagnosis is stage 3 stomach cancer, which spread to lymph nodes in his chest. Julian had surgery Sept. 25 and returned home Sept. 30 after a two-week inpatient stay. He’s chronicled his entire journey, as he did with his previous cancer fight, on his Team Jeff blog. The USC alum and Rose Bowl Aquatics coach is missing out on being on staff with the Cali Condors in the International Swimming League this year.

To help cover the cost of treatment, a GoFundMe has been started. It’s already near its $20,000 goal, including donations from the Condors and Condors general manager Jason Lezak. (Update: After the $20k goal was hit Saturday afternoon, it was revised upward to $40,000. The campaign is still taking donations.)

Jeff Julian has put on more than 20 pounds since returning home. He’s gotten support from various corners of the interconnected swimming world, from t-shirts and cards to the fundraiser. The relentlessly positive tone of his blog has remained undimmed. From Oct. 2, after getting a photo from the University of California Berkeley men’s swimming team:

I’ve shared it all before but being strong in the face of challenge is something I can do as long as I can take action. Then to think about the incredible support that TEAMjeff offers in so many different ways just touches my heart and the tears start flowing. Not bad tears at all, but those tears you feel when someone touches you heart. I attempt to read things to Kristine and just can’t. Then I get things like this, and I am so honored I can’t explain it. Thank you Bears!

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    Jaimi Thompson

    Jeff you are loved by so very many people. Your strength, hope and optimism continue to inspire everyone! This has been and will be a tough battle but you are also the toughest they come! So go and and kick some cancer to the curb! Love & prayers.

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