Steve Mellor, LSU Associate Head Coach Announces Resignation

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LSU Associate Head Coach Steve Mellor has announces his resignation from the Tiger program.

Mellor made the announcement on Instagram.

“And just like that, a chapter closes,” he wrote. “It is with a tear in my eye and a great deal of pride in my heart that I have made the difficult decision to resign from my position with LSU Swimming & diving. We get one go at this thing called life, and swimming has been at the center of mine for 2 decades, so as you can imagine this wasn’t a professional decision that came easy.”



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Mellor was named LSU associate head coach in 2020, his second stint with the Tigers. He was an assistant coach from 2011-12, then left the program to return in 2015. He helped coach Brooks Curry to Olympic gold.

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“Fortunately, having invested so much time in the building of myself, the person I am, the man I am, and of course the husband and father I am, it is in fact easy to know when I need to do what it is right for me and my family,” he wrote.


He closed the post with a message of thanks:

To the athletes, you know how much you all meant and mean to me, and you also know you got 100% authentic Steve at all times, because I loved giving you all the environment to work where you could also be your truest self as well! I saw you all for the beautiful people that you are, I let you in on my flaws, you let me in on yours, we built trust and with that relationships that will last a lifetime.

To the coaches that helped me and worked with me a long the way, thank you. Those of you that became friends, that became godparents to my children (Jeana), and simply made time to build relationships beyond “swim talk” I appreciated all of it. And to Dave… as a coach you gave me a hell of an opportunity with LSU and allowed me to learn, to fail, and to grow, the very same principles we as humans live our lives by.

In making this decision I have prioritized my integrity and personal mental health. I have always loved my job, and I have preached and reinforced the need for us all to do something we love regularly with the athletes I have had the privilege to work with. At this juncture of my life I have opted to be the example to those athletes and remain true to my belief system by deciding to find something new.

With daddy daycare runs taking effect on Monday and with new opportunities already in the pipeline it is time to begin writing the next chapter.

Love first, always

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