San Mateo Swim Coach Arrested on Sexual Assault Allegations

SAN MATEO, California, June 2. JOSHUA David Tatro, 25, a swim coach at Aragon High School, has been arrested on four counts, “including one count of sexual assault on a minor and one count of lewd acts with a minor,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Local police, according to the report, allege that Tatro “had inappropriate sexual contact with the victim on more than one occasion.” Tatro was arrested on Friday, with bail set at $25,000.

USA Swimming, in response to a request for information from Swimming World, stated that Tatro has never been a coach member of the organization. He was an athlete member last decade, but never joined as a coach.

This means that USA Swimming currently does not have jurisdiction to begin the process to add Tatro to the public Banned for Life list. However, there is the potential for USA Swimming to convene the process that will lead to Tatro being added to the private flagged list the organization keeps in case someone attempts to gain membership at a later date.

The process is similar to the NCAA Show-Cause penalty when a former constituent of the NCAA is involved in an NCAA violation but leaves its jurisdiction. Since the NCAA cannot levy punishment directly to a non-member, it puts any potential process on hold until the person attempts to return to the NCAA membership.

Full text of San Francisco Chronicle article.