Rocklin Swim Team’s Ryan Jones Added to Safe Sport Database Under Temporary Restriction

Photo Courtesy: Connor Trimble

Sacramento-based swim coach Ryan Jones was added to the US Center for Safe Sport earlier this month on a temporary restriction for allegations of misconduct.

Jones’ current restrictions were listed as: No Contact Directive(s), Travel / Lodging Restriction(s), Coaching / Training Restriction(s), Contact / Communication Limitation(s).

Ryan Jones is currently listed as the coach and aquatics director at Rocklin Swim Team in Rocklin, California, outside Sacramento, and has been there for the last 14 years. Jones was also a former masters swimmer in California and last swam in a meet in 2018.

USA Swimming last filed Matthew Cunningham of King George, Virginia into the Safe Sport database on July 28 under criminal disposition involving a minor. He is subject to appeal, according to the database and his fate is not yet final. Cunningham is currently ineligible pending a final decision.

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