SWIM Magazine November 2004


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By John Lohn. A swimmer, an innovator, a provider, a visionary – Rogers “Tiger” Holmes, 83, is everything that is positive about swimming, a man who oozes passion towards a sport that has supplied him so much.


Something about Savannah

By Scott Rabalais. While the amount of planning, preparation and activity for staging a Masters nationals is staggering, there are several “rules” that can be followed to make the meet director experience an enjoyable and orderly one.


Life Is Good

By P.H Mullen. The RCP Tiburon Mile is the richest and overall one of the best one-mile open water swims in the world.


Swimming Is the Pits! 

By Glenn Mills. Swimming is not really the pits, but by focusing on the stretch through your underarms, you’ll have a better chance of connecting all the parts of your body on butterfly.