SWIM Magazine April 1986


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Letters To The Editor


Chlorine, Asthma And Swimming

By Dr. John Meisenheimer


Lower Back Pain

By Dr. Ted Becker


Aqua Aerobics At The Oaks & The Palms

By Eva Shaw


Donna d e Varona

By SWIM Magazine


The English Channel

By Tom Slear


From The Pool To The Open Water

By Lynne Cox


Men And Women

By William Beausay, II Ph.D


Meets Across The USA


Places To Swim


1985 Top Ten 25 Meters Short Course


Notes On Training

By Marianne Brems


United States Masters Swimming

By Dorothy Donnelly


Masters Aquatic Coaches Association

By Judy Meyer


Backstroke Stroke Drills

By Fred B. Hubbell


Swimming Economy

By John Troup, Ph.D


Examining The Hips And Legs

By Keith W. Strandberg


Keeping Up With The Joneses

By Knome D. Plume