SWIM Magazine July 2004


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Defying the Odds 

By Jean Mainland. By their own admission, people from Tennessee may not be the most likely to focus on fitness and take up swimming, but Coach Ron Chlasta has created a fun – and successful – Masters swim club in Hendersonville with the Middle Tennessee Swim Club Masters.


Q and A with Rowdy Gains 

By Bill Volckening. As this summer’s Olympics loo, ever closer, who better to discuss the Olympic experience than one of our sport’s most passionate ambassadors, Rowdy Gaines?


A DOCumentary

By Richard Burns. The USMS Short Course Nationals – which were dedicated to the legendary Dr. James “Doc” Counsilman – were a raucous, record-breaking, ageing myth-shattering affair. Doc would have loved it.


The Ecstasy…and the Agony

By Phillip Whitten. Lifelong dreams, nurtured by years of dedication, will be fulfilled at the U.S Olympic Trials in July, but more will be cruelly shattered.


Competing until the Very End 

By John Feinstein. Masters swimmer David Gregg, 71, recently dies after finishing his final race. But he was among friends, and he was doing something that gave him great joy.