SWIM Magazine September 1987


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Letters To The Editor 


In The Swim/People & Products


United States Masters Swimming News

By Dorothy Donnelly. Mark your calendars for the upcoming annual convention.


What Makes U.S.M.S. Tick?

By Kim A. Hansen. In-depth interviews with Dorothy Donnelly, Tom Boak and Enid Uhrich.


How Sweet Is Your Diet?

By Linda Houtkooper, Ph.D., R.D. You can have a healthy level of sugar in your diet.


The Chlorine Debate

By Cliff Mengel. The continuing quest for chemically free, pure water.


Pools of Paris, France

By Elizabeth Lee. Start planning your swimming vacation to Gay Paris!


Making Time For Exercise

By Dr. Bob Hopper


Ask Dr. Becker

A question and answer forum with Ted Becker, Ph.D.


Places To Swim 


Masters Marketplace/Advertising Section 


How To Enjoy Practice

by Knome D. Plume