SWIM Magazine October 1985


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Letters To The Editor


American Swimming Coaches Ass’n

By John Leonard


The Chinese Connection

By Lisa Zimmerman



By William Beausay, IIPh.D.


Hair Care For Swimmers

By Eva Shaw


United States Masters Swimming

By Dorothy Donnelly


Reflections On The USMS Presidency

By Mike Laux


1985 Long Course Nationals Results


1985 Short Course Top Ten Results


Poolside Personalities

By Michael A. Martin. Roy Erlandson


Meets Across The USA


Places To Swim


Anatomical Exam: Shoulder & Arm

By Keith W. Strandberg


The World Maccabiah Games

By Jane Katz, Ed.D


Financial Fitness

By Keith V. Abramson, Esq


New Events

By Knome D. Plume