SWIM Magazine July 2003


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Portrait of a Grand Master

By Tito Morales. Gail Roper, a 1952 Olympian and Masters pioneer, looks at her swimming as an art. When I’m in a race, I’m trying topaint the perfect picture—with the perfect start, the perfect turn and the perfect everything -in-between.”


We Came to Tempe for the Waters!

By Meg Smath. Eighty individual and 12 relay national records were set at the Masters Short Course Nationals in Tempe, Ariz., where sizzling swimming matched the sizzling desert heat.


Fitness Is Everything

By Erik Hamilton. American fitness icon, Jack LaLanne, claims that swimming may be the best exercise possible.


Lane Rage

By Nan Kappeler. To keep peace in the pool during workouts, everyone should work together and not engage in turf wars.


A Desk Jockey’s Guide to Swimming Ocean Races

By Sherry Oshiver. Ocean swimming can teach you about risk taking, perseverance and personal limits.