SWIM Magazine May 2003


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2002 Masters Swimmers of the Year

By Tito Morales. SWIM Magazine’s 2002 Masters Swimmers of the Year, led by Ron Karnaugh and Karlyn Pipes Neilsen, share an enormous passion and love for the sport of swimming.


Yoga: The Possibilities Are Endless

By Darlene Azure. All yoga is not created equal. Some exercises can be very physically challenging; some very gentle and restorative. But all can be beneficial to your health, well-being…and swimming.


Learn from the Olympians: The Breaststroke Pull-Out

By Anita Nall. Olympian Anita Nall demonstrates her breaststroke pull-out and shares some of the tips that made her technique so ef- fective, along with additional comments from her longtime coach, Murray Stephens, and Masters coach Mel Goldstein of the Indy SwimFit Masters.


Exercise -Induced Asthma in Swimmers

By Edward H. Nessel. Though not in the same league as full-blown chronic asthma, excerise-induced asthma, or bronchospasm, is a special variant that has its own debilitating characteristics.