SWIM Magazine January 2002


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Legacy of Hope
By Patti Robison. Masters swimmers Andrew Fisher and Doug Irgang of the Asphalt Green Masters in New York were among the casualties of the fateful terrorist assault on the World Trade Center.


Iron People

By Pamela LeBlanc. They’re Masters swimmers—just like other USMS swimmers—but these seven competed in this year’s Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, and each has a story to tell.


Surf’s Up

By Pamela LeBlanc. Diane Graner-Gallas is a wife, mother of three, coach, lifeguard, U.S. Masters champion and one of the world’s top competitors in surf racing, a sport she’s dominated in the United States since 1988.


100 Years of the L Street Brownies

By Barbara Craig. This rugged group of men, known as “Brownies” because of their well -tanned bodies, simply swim for the health of it—in all types of weather at any time of the year. Each New Year’s Day they take a well -publicized dip in the chilly Atlantic Ocean. They’ve been doing it for 100 years!