SWIM Magazine August 1985


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Letters To The Editor


Spectacular Skin Care

By Eva Shaw


Ixtapa, Mexico

By Bob Hansen. SWIM Magazine’s Inaugural Swimming Vacation


United States Masters Swimming

By Dorothy Donnelly. The Annual Swimming Convention


Financial Fitness

By Keith V. Abramson, Esq


American Swimming Coaches Ass’n

By John Leonard


Stretching Your Limits

By Keith W. Strandberg


Masters Aquatic Coaches Ass’n

By Judy Meyer


No False Start Rule

By Arthur C. Smith, III


New Rhythm For New Records

By William Beausay, II Ph.D


Coronary By Pass Alternative

By Sherman DeImage


Rowdy Gaines Reflects Back


U.S.M.S. National Results


Y.M.C.A. National Results


Rough Water Swimming

By Lynne Cox


Meets Across The USA


Poolside Personalities

By Tom Slear. Bill Yorzyk


Low Sodium Diet For Swimmers

By Frances Sheridan Goulart


Suggestions On Motivation

By Marianne Brems


What’s Wrong With Swimming?

By Burwell Jones, M.D


Diving For Dollars

By Martin Elkort


Prenatal Water Workouts

By Gretchen Schreiber


Karen and Sarah Josephson

By Michael J. Min


High School Athletic Ass’ns

By Jim Densmore


Pool Crashing

By Jane Katz, Ed.D


The Summer Pool Party

By Knome D. Plume