SWIM Magazine November 1997


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Repetition: Drills for Skills by Steve Tarpinian.

Freestyle Drills By Rowdy Gaines.




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Swimming During Pregnancy

By Jane A. Moore, M.D. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t automatically mean you’re condemned to a completely sedentary lifestyle. Pregnancy, as does training, requires commitment, planning, flexibility, compromise and common sense.


Why I Love to Swim

By Oliver Sacks. Swimming provides a sense of well-being so extreme that, at times, it becomes a sort of ecstasy. There is a total engagement in the act of swimming in which the mind can float free, become spellbound, in a trancelike state.


Going the Distance for M.S. Research

By Kari Lydersen. Nick Irons brings a new meaning to the word, “Ironman,” having swum the length of the Mississippi River to raise money and promote awareness for multiple sclerosis.


No Mickey Mouse Meet

By Scott Rabalais. Masters swimmers can, indeed, have fun and swim fast as evidenced by the performances at the USMS Long Course Nationals at Orlando, Fla., site of the nation’s top amusement park, Disney World.