SWIM Magazine July 1997


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Editor’s Note 


Book Review 


Just Add Water 


Minding Masters 


Health Waves 


Swim for Fitness 


Masters Swimming: Present at the creation 


Trivia Time!


Working Out 

Warming up to Race! By Eric Neilsen.

More Power To You. By Doug Huetis.


Swimming in the Zones 




Master Speak 


On the Market 




Give a Tri(Athlon) A Try

By Jeff Bliss. Triathlon training can not only keep you fit and help make you a better swimmer, it just might keep you in the swim for more years to come.


Raining Records in Seattle 

By Scott Rabalais. At the Masters Nationals, ninety-two USMS records were set, with three swimmers walking away with a “perfect” six swims and six records.


WATCH What You Buy

By Emmett Hines. Coach Hines presents a comparison of memory stopwatches, single event stopwatches, wrist stopwatches and other gadgets that you can use to improve conditioning, add variety to workouts and impress training buddies.


Swimming and HIV

By Jessica Seaton, D.C. Can swimming have a positive effect on the immune system and slow down and/or halt the progression of HIV infection? Apparently, exercise is one of the factors that may contribute to long-term survival.