SWIM Magazine May 1997


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1996 USMS All Americans 


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Swim for Fitness 


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Save Your Skin

By Mark A. Jenkins, M.D. Swimmers naturally enjoy being in the sun. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to the summer sun, but SWIM offers tips to avoid a “killer tan”


Why Stretch?

By Phillip Whitten. Should you incorporate stretching into your daily swimming regimen? The answer, say most experts, is an unqualified “yes”.


The Zone Diet Explained

By Barry Sears, Ph.D. Remember what your grandmother told you to eat when you were a kid? Well, the Zone Diet is simply explaining what your grandmother knew was correct, and putting it in terms of 21st century biotechnology.


Sorting Out Sports Drinks 

By Cindy Carroll, M.S, R.D. Almost everyone is drinking sports drinks these days – some with the hope of enhancing their exercise program; others, just for the convenience that they may provide. What is their real connection to fitness?