SWIM Magazine March 1997


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Long Distance All-Stars 


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The Magnificent 11 

By Lee Nessel. Though they come from every walk of life, they share a love for the water and a sense of renewal every time they swim. Meet the top 11 Masters of 1996.


Bio Chi: Let the Energy Flow

By Byron David. Would you like to increase your strength, agility, cardiovascular fitness and mental focus? Byron Davis presents a new exercise discipline, Bio Chi, which, he, says, does just that.


Investments Your Broker Never Told You About 

By Emmett Hines. “Longer harder faster” is not where it’s at. If you what to get the most out of your time in the water, invest some of it in improving your technique.


Fitness Profile

By Mo Chamber and Scott Rabalais. Thousands of Masters swimmers are primarily “fitness swimmers”. SWIM Magazine presents six of them and their stories.