SWIM Magazine July 1995


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Editor’s Note


Just Add Water


USMS Notes


Health Waves


Swim for Fitness


Swimming in the Amazon

By Jill Coleman


Anniversary in St. Pete

By Margie Hutinger


Science in Swimming

By Scott Trappe, Ph.D.


Working Out




Swim Shopper






Wilt and the Water

By Lynda Huey. Basketball great Wilt Chamberlain, after numerous injuries, swears by the water as a form of rehab.


Family Tides

By Donnie Webb. Four unique families share their stories of how swimming bonds them together.


Greg Louganis

By Reed Massengill. In this SWIM Magazine exclusive, the world’s greatest diver discusses his insecurities and overcoming fears.


A Claim to Fame

By Scott Rabalais. The country’s best Masters swimmers meet in Fort Lauderdale for the 1995 USMS Short Course Championships and records tumble.


The Future of Masters Swimming

By Stephanie Walsh. Masters swimming has grown enormously in its first 25 years. Will that growth continue in the next quarter century?