SWIM Magazine March 1995


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Just Add Water


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Health Waves

Nutrition Quackery by Jacqueline R. Berning. Who Says Swimmers Don’t Sweat? by Cindy H. Carroll, M.S., R.D.


Swim for Fitness

Strokes Made Simple by Terry Laughlin. Remaining a Water Workout Purist by Lynda Huey. Talk Yourself Up by C. J. Lockman Swimming at the Center of the Universe by Emmett Hines.


Team Togetherness

By James W. Miller


Working Out

Front End Freestyle by Dan Thompson, M.D.








Masters Swimmers of the Year

By Phillip Whitten. 1994 was a banner year for Masters swimming. SWIM Magazine picks the top 10 super swim- mers, along with the year’s most amazing performances.


Blind Ambition

By Scott Rabalais and Buzz Gray. A lifetime battle with blindness has not stopped Michael Taber from reaching his goals as a Masters swimmer.


Float Like a Butterfly, Kick Like a Frog

By Marty Hull. Stretching exercises to help you develop a great breaststroke kick.


Why Do You Swim?

By Keith Bell and Todd Samland. To compete? Or “just” to stay in shape? Two top coaches debate the question.