SWIM Magazine January 1995


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Your Views

Readers’ Letters


Editor’s Note

By Phillip Whitten


USMS Notes


Health Waves

Accupuncture for Athletes by Peter G. Hanson.


Swim for Fitness

What If Your Butt Isn’t Buoyant? by Terry Laughlin. Getting Your Feet Wet Again by Jane Katz. Indy Car Driver Into the Pool by Lynda Huey.


Working Out

Pushing the Limits by Marty Hull. The Backstroke Turn by Clay Evans and Bonnie Adair.


Masters World -Wide








The Caffeine/Carbo Connection

By Cindy H. Carroll. Before you take a sip of that morning cup of coffee, think about it’s effects on your training workout.


A Winning Rx: SWIM!

By Francine Silverman. These doctors really believe in their prescriptions—swim to stay healthy!


Getting Older…Getting Faster

By Marvin Schwartz. Masters swimmers refuse to let age get in the way of swimming faster.


Swimming Into the 21st Century

By Christopher M. Kelly. Technology and equipment play a major role in helping swimmers swim faster and farther.