SWIM Magazine July 1994


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Favoring Gay Games Ad


Editor’s Notes

An Insider’s Tale by Phillip Whitten


Health Waves

Heart Matters by Benjamin H. Lewis, M.D. Making a Case for Antioxidants
by Jane Brody. Heart Rate Monitoring by Kevin Polansky.


Swim For Fitness

Water Healing Your Hips by Lynda Huey. Assume the Position by Emmett Hines.


Working Out

Freestyle Relay Starts by Rowdy Gaines. Open Water Swimming: Use Your Head by Mike Collins. Long Course Training in a Short Course Pool by Dick Bower.





A Small Print Sport by Mark Genrich.


The Shapes of Swimming

By Phillip Whitten. Everyone wants a swimmer’s body. This photo essay shows you the reasons why.


Fin Swimming

By Katherine Nichols. Take a look over your shoulder; this new sport is about to take hold on a national scale.


9 to 5 Fitness

By Susan F. Ludwig. Companies are diving into the fitness craze by offering their employees on -site swim centers.


Wetsuit Heaven

by Jeffrey Justice. Choosing the suit that best fits your needs may be confusing. We offer some help to get you started.