SWIM Magazine May 1994


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Your Views

Readers’ Letters


Editor’s Note

By Phillip Whitten


Health Waves

Powerful Freestyle by David Costill, Ph.D. Heart Rate Monitoring by Kevin Polansky.


Swim For Fitness

Drills For Skills By Terry Laughlin. Fitness to Competition by Suzanne Rague. Water Healing Your Back by Lynda Hue.


Working Out

Working Out Together by Scott Rabalais. The Fly Finish by Dan Thompson.


Faces & Places








Shark Cage Swims

By Michael Stott. Great athletes battle everything from eight- foot waves to schools of tiger sharks in this open water sport.


Swimming with Contact Lenses

By Bruce A. Bridgwater, OD. By taking just a few simple precautions, contact wearers can swim worry free.


Wheels for Your Water

By Christopher Kelly. Cross -training with your bicycle has become all the rage in the swimming community.


Live from New York …

By Jo -Ann Adolph. Showcasing some of the best facilities swimming has to offer, Asphalt Green opens to the public.