SWIM Magazine January 1994


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USMS Coach of the Year

Emmett Hines


Cross Training in the Water

By Bonnie Adair & Clay Evans


5 Designer Workouts

By Clay Evans & Suzi Burt


The Backstroke Start

By Clay Britt


Stamp of Approval

Olympic Gold Medalist Helene Madison is honored.


Swimming the 1650

By Tom Lyndon


Calendar of Events


Your Views


Editor’s Note




Health Waves

Swimming for a Long Life; Cooling Down Can Save Your Life; Swimming in Cold Water; Do Hard Work in the Afternoon.


Water Aerobics

By Lynda Huey


Book Reviews




Master’s Marketplace




China’s Short March to Swimming Dominance

By Phil Whitten. Has hard work paid off for chinese athletes or is something fishy going on?


Resorts for Serious Swimmers
By Lynn Narlesky. Some of the finest locations for your swimming vacation.


Rubbing Swimmers the Right Way?

By Ed Stern. Relieve those aching muscles with the benefits of massage.


Chilly Dipping

By Michael J. Stott Either. These people are crazy or there is something to this frozen sport.