SWIM Magazine January 1993


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Pool Courtesy

By David Samuelsohn


Commitment ’93 SCAQ Workout


Faster Flip Turns

By Emmett Hines


Teaching Your Child To Swim

By Jeanne L. Wood


Expert Advice: Spinal Injuries in Swimmers

By Robert G. Watkins, M.D. and David R. Campbell, M.D.


My First Nationals
By Charles van der Horst M.D.


Confessions of a One -Hour Swim Junkie

By Win Wilson


From Dan Gruender and Dot Donnelly


Short Course Nationals Entry Form


Masters Marketplace


Your Views


Editor’s Letter





By Terry Laughlin


Swim To Lose Weight Keep that New Year’s Resolution!
By Phillip Whitten


Day of the Dolphins
An introduction to open- water swimming. By Christopher M. Kelly.


Swimming and Pregnancy

Eight Masters swimmers describe swimming while pregnant.


By Susan Cort Johnson



What did you enjoy themost at the Senior Nationals?


Weight Training For Swimmers

In 10 easy steps Guidelines for an effective weight training program. By Richard A. Winett, Ph.D.