SWIM Magazine January 1992


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What Does Matt Biondi Know That You Don’t?

By Terry Laughlin


The Inner Game of Swimming
By Daniel Teitelbaum and Fred Surgent, Ed.D


A Texas Bell

By Sandy McIntyre Colby


The 1992 Olympic Trials: A Preview

By Phillip Whitten, Ph.D.


Los Angeles Remembered

By Ted Becker, Ph.D.


Take It From the Top

By Tim Sheeper


From the Publisher

By Richard Deal


U.S.M.S. News

By Dorothy Donnelly


Swim Workouts with SCAQ

By Gerry Rodrigues and Clay Evans


Bottomline Aquatics

By Ron Chlasta



By Linda Houtkooper, Ph.D., RD


U.S. Water Fitness

By John R. Spannuth


Places to Swim


Knome’s Theory of Relativity

By Knome D. Plume