Poll of the Week: Ryan Lochte’s Knee Pain (Results)

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 22. RYAN Lochte withdrew from the Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte with continuing issues with knee. It begs the question: How will the injury affect Lochte at the upcoming USA Swimming nationals in early August?

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That was our last poll question, and here are the results. 62.30 percent of voters said Lochte is going to swim limited events at nationals if his knee is not 100 percent. 32.79 percent picked the option that he will swim with no qualifications on whether he’ll do his normal schedule or not. And just 4.92 percent said he will not swim. So, voters believe Lochte will swim at nationals, no matter the state of his knee. We’ll find out in about 10 weeks.

Now, let’s move on to our new poll question, and it concerns Rio de Janeiro’s preparation for the 2016 Olympics. Officials at the International Olympic Committee have blasted Rio organizers for not being on schedule in terms of new venue construction and refurbishing of existing ones. This is forcing the IOC to bring in a team of consultants to speed things along in Brazil. With the event a little more than two years away, do you think Rio should continue as host of the Olympics? We are giving you three choices in the poll. The first choice is yes, because Rio will finish all construction in time and the Olympics will be the best ever. Our second choice is yes, Rio will have the bare minimum done but will still put on a good show. And our final option is no, Rio should not be host and the IOC should look for an alternate city.

To vote in the poll, go to swimmingworld.com and place your vote on the right side of our home page. We’ll bring you the results on our next show.