Poll of the Week: Arena’s Suits in High School, USA Swimming Meets (Results)

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 17. LAST week, Arena announced that three versions of its Powerskin Carbon Pro were deemed non-compliant by FINA, causing the suitmaker to go into crisis mode and issue replacements at the Arena Grand Prix in Charlotte, as well as the US Masters nationals in Indianapolis. High school swimmers, however, are still allowed to wear the suits to finish out the high school season, and any times swum in USA Swimming meets through June 2 in the non-compliant suits will count for time standards. We should note that FINA claimed that the problem with permeability with the suits did not affect performance.

Was USA Swimming and the national high school federation right in allowing the non-compliant Arena suits to be used? A little more than 58 percent of voters said yes, it was the right call, while 41.4 percent said it was not the right call. Arena's replacement suit, the Mark 2, is now on the market and being issued as a replacement to those who bought the non-compliant suits.

A couple of weeks ago we asked your thoughts on Ryan Lochte's reality show, called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do.” With the show about halfway through the season, we wanted to know who you think would make a better reality TV star? Would it be Lochte, Nathan Adrian, Missy Franklin or Allison Schmitt? All Olympic gold medalists, all bright personalities. Or, would you prefer that no swimmer get a reality show? Go to swimmingworld.com and vote in the new poll on the right side of the page. We'll bring you the results of that poll next Friday.