Shayna Jack Calls Police In After Extortion Attempt By Hackers Claiming To Be Stalking Her

Shayna Jack FINIS
Shayna Jack; Photo Courtesy: FINIS

Shayna Jack, the Australian swimmer fighting a four-year suspension after she tested positive for a banned substance, has been the victim of an extortion attempt by overseas hackers.

The hackers are said to have threatened to post pictures that would ‘disturb’ her if she fails to send money. The hackers appear to have messaged Jack and posted rogue noteson her Facebook page. One of the messages read “I can see what you’re doing at all times”, another, left this morning, states: “I regret I used doping in the 2017 (sic) Olympics.’’

The Australian Daily Telegraph reports that Shayna Jack has been in touch with Queensland Police and the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) over the messages. Jack has appealed to the CAS against a four-year suspension imposed by Australian anti-doping after she tested positive to Ligandrol, a muscle growth agent. She denies knowingly taking the substance, which may have entered her system by contamination.

In the midst of that, hackers have sought to exploit the swimmer at a moment when she is most vulnerable. With a nod to the extortion attempt, the swimmer’s lawyer, Tim Fuller, tells the paper:

“It’s disgusting. Clearly she’s shaken by it all. We’ve informed the relevant authorities including Police and the Court of Arbitration for sport.’’

The hackers first contacted Jack on Facebook two days ago, threatening to post photos of her online unless she sent them money.

Messages read:

  • “If you don’t pay – you will regret this.”
  • “Did you really use them (banned substances), does that mean you can’t swim again?”

After Jack informed police and engaged an IT specialist to protect her social media accounts, the hackers were back, this time claiming they were from a “different country” and repeating the threat to post then reached out to Jack again, this time saying they were from a different country and that if she wanted to avoid “something that will disturb you” she would have to send payment.

The latest messages read:

  • “I’m in a different country, you can’t do anything against me, you have to pay. I can see what you’re doing at all times.”
  • “I will share something that will disturb you, if you do not answer.’’
  • “I regret I used doping in the 2017 (sic) Olympics.’’

Shayna Jack’s Facebook page and personal Instagram accounts are currently out of action, so no posts can be made by anyone.


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