Performance of the Week: Anton Lobanov Makes History In 200 Breast

Anton Lobanov
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

TUCSON – Rarely is a performance at the NCAA Division II swimming and diving championships so fast that it would have challenged for the win at the Division I level. But that’s what Anton Lobanov did on Saturday in the 200 breaststroke, putting up a time that will definitely place in the top eight and possibly top three.

The Nova Southeastern freshman had the crowd on its feet with a blazing 1:51.71, which put the Russian seventh on the list of the top 10 performers in history. Though Lobanov has been performing well for his home country in the past, winning medals at the European junior championships and the European championships, nothing indicated he would make history in Indianapolis last week.

Lobanov had strong splits in his race, taking the first half out in 53.43 and returning with a 58.28 in the final 100. His final 50 yards was 29.05, showing some amazing speed and endurance. We’ll have to see how the time ranks once the 200 breast final at the Division I meet is finished, but Lobanov’s time is sure to remain as one of the fastest swims done in collegiate waters this season.

The day before, Lobanov sprinted to a 51.63 in the 100 breast, showing off a versatility we hope will continue in the long course pool this summer at the world championships. With three more years remaining in college, Lobanov looks to take Division II swimming to a level that many only dreamed of reaching.

Anton Lobanov Interview

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  1. Cole Puchi

    Daniel Andronov new goals for you.

  2. Byron Shefchik

    I’m sure some D1 schools are eying him. Transfer?

  3. Suzanne Patras Lancey

    A 22 year old freshman who has won overseas isn’t really a surprise, nor is actually freshman age.

    • avatar

      You are right, Suzanne, but there are surprises and then there are surprises. In May, 2014 at Russian championships Lobanov was :28.10, 1:00.68 and 2:14.15 LCM. 83rd, 30th and 117th in world since fall 2013, respectively. When compared against USA Swimming Member times, his 100 and 200 were 8th and 28th, respectively. Clearly, he was already pretty good, but when compared over the same time frame against the best SCY swims, his 100 yds swim stands 4th and 200 yds stands 5th. This is pretty significant progress, especially in the 200.

      • avatar

        I am not diminishing his accomplishment because they are great! Being a converted 52:55 100 breastroker coming in and then going last week 51:63 is a standard progression….Now if he was 54 100 breastroker and drop to 51 that would be more of amazing drop.

        Also you can’t compare short course and long course. That is comparing apples to oranges. If he goes 2:08 this summer then he truly has progressed as a “world class breastroker”. Then he will be saying goodbye to Nova Southeastern!

  4. avatar

    Curiosity question. Not intending on current knowledge to diminish in any way the marvelous performances by Lobanov at the D-II meet, in light of the recent Russian doping track record, including some of their athletes training in the US (i.e. Efimova), and its potential impact on the LCM world championships remaining in Kazan, I was wondering if the D-II meet has drug testing protocols executed at their Championship meets. I suppose my question would apply to D-III, NAIA, etc., as well.

  5. avatar

    Is there a link to any race footage?