Passages: Fabio Lombini & Gioele Rossetti Die in Plane Crash, Italian Swimming Mourns

Photo Courtesy: Craig Lord

Italian swimmers Fabio Lombini and Gioele Rossetti died in a plane crash that took place shortly after takeoff over the weekend, write Andy Ross and Liz Byrnes, European Correspodent.

The ultralight plane departed from the Crazy Fly flight school in Nettuno. It was flying over the area of ​​Via Avezzano. Once it touched the ground, between Grugnole and Acciarella, the plane was destroyed by flames, the two men with it.From what is known so far, the weather conditions were excellent, with good visibility and light wind. Police investigations are underway.

Five firefighter teams and local police crews rushed to the scene with a large number of medical staff but it was too late to save the swimmers.

Lombini, 22, represented Italy at the 2017 Summer Universiade and European Short Course Championships. He was second at the 2017 Italian Short Course Championships in the 200 freestyle with a 1:44.60.

Lombini’s long course best time in the 200 free was a 1:48.74 from 2017 while he was a 50.56 in the 100 free and 3:50.48 in the 400 freestyle. He was eighth at the 2017 European Short Course Championships in the 200 freestyle.

Lombini’s fire brigade club tweeted its sentiments of profound sorrow and a heart with a memory of their man in a recruitment video for the force:


Later, the Fire Brigade posted its condolences with the video of the crash scene:

Fabio Lombini was carrying out collegiate training at the federal center of Ostia followed by the technical manager Stefano Morini and accompanied by his coach Alessandro Resch.

“We are all stunned by this misfortune affecting two exemplary, generous boys who led a regular life, combining four hours of swimming training per day with their studies. They were joyful and friends to all they met,” said Italian Swimming Federation President Paolo Barelli.

“Two very young boys, 22 and 23 years old. Fabio Lombini, registered for a Lombard company, In Sport, and for the Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Rosse [the sports section of the Italian firefighter force Vigili del Fuoco, and Gioele Rossetti, athlete of the Aurelia Nuoto, a historic, glorious club, from Rome. They loved swimming and life. Alas Sunday morning, the day of their weekly training break, they had the idea of ​​experiencing the thrill of flying. Gioele was an experienced pilot though young, with many hours of flight, but [tragedy struck]. Now they are gone. We are truly upset and grieved.”

Rossetti had primarily been a sprint freestyler, with a 52.57 best time in the 100 freestyle that he swam earlier this year.

Statement from the Italian Swimming Federation:

The Federation, shocked and astonished, expresses its deepest condolences to family, friends and the associations the men belonged to.  Condolences from President Paolo Barelli, from honorary presidents Lorenzo Ravina and Salvatore Montella, from vice-presidents Andrea Pieri, Francesco Postiglione and Teresa Frassinetti, from general secretary Antonello Panza, from the council and from the federal offices, from the technical director of the national swimming team Cesare Butini and of the whole aquatic movement.

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  1. Miranda Emaus

    I’m sorry to see if another death like this in the swimming world. Prayers for the family and everyone involved.

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