Paralympic Views Exceed Expectations, What Should This Mean for Rio 2016 Coverage?

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 5. WITH the newest Paralympic viewer numbers in, is the U.S. finally kicking itself for its lack of coverage? According to Britain's Marketing Week, United Kingdom-based Channel 4, the top provider for Paralympic coverage, is seeing its biggest audience in more than a decade.

Before the Games started, Channel 4 estimated that coverage would peak at approximately 2.5 million viewers. Although the official numbers are not out yet, the peak number are shockingly high (or not — we've been keeping the faith for Paralympic viewership) estimated at 11 million people tuning in! And numbers have stayed above the estimates, averaging about between three to four million viewers during well-publicized events.

The broadcasting station has far surpassed viewership numbers from the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. Channel 4 has had to rearrange their coverage, taking on events that were previously slotted for sister channels. This is causing advertisers that were previously hesitant to stake their claim during coverage to jump on board the Paralympic bandwagon.

Include this with the amount of social media love given the Paralympic Games, and there seems to be only one solution: let the U.S. redeem its lack of London 2012 coverage by showcasing the Paralympic talent in Rio 2016.

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