Olympic Champion Kosuke Kitajima To Be A Dad

By Hideki Mochizuki, Swimming World Japanese correspondent

TOKYO, Japan, November 6. IN some quick news from the location of the 2020 Olympic Games, Kosuke Kitajima and his wife, Chisa, announced that they will have their first baby in mid-May of next year as Chisa is now four months pregnant.

Kitajima, 31, and Chisa, 27, registered their marriage to the local government office on Sept. 22 of this year on Kitajima’s 31st birthday. According to internal sources, Kitajima found out about the pregnancy in mid-October.

The couple does not yet know the gender of the baby, but Chisa is on record that she will retire from the popular singing group Girl Next Door on Dec. 8 following their final concert in Tokyo.