Olympians React to Tech Suit Launch of TYR Venzo in Los Angeles

Photo Courtesy: Dana Vollmer/TYR

Last week in Los Angeles, TYR Sport dropped its newest tech suit, the TYR Venzo. Many of TYR’s athletes were present at the unveiling, including Matt GreversSimone ManuelRyan Lochte and newly added Jack Conger.

The athletes had a chance to talk to the media afterwards and give their thoughts on the new suit.

“I’m a compression guy. I need compression and I think they came up with a cool way having compression but not being crazy hard to put on and tight. It’s not just less material to have compression. It’s a little more material so you can still get it on, but still have the compression on the muscle groups that you need.”-Matt Grevers

“When I signed with TYR, they were pretty much at the final iterations of this suit. I really tried the Avictor more than I tried this suit because the Avictor was what I was going to be racing in. But I tried this suit and I really liked the compression that it came with and I think that is something I always want as a sprinter.”-Simone Manuel

“I tried on the new suit a couple times and I kind of just fell in love with it and the technology and the faith I had in TYR and myself so we could both accomplish our goals. Looking forward to 2019 Worlds and hopefully 2020 and making the team and racking up some hardware and doing some big damage out there. I felt the most confident when I tried on the new suit and I’m just getting ready. I’m excited, I’m pumped,”-Jack Conger.


“The suit is great. We love it. Jacob (Pebley) and I both have tested it a few times and both hands down agree it is our favorite suit so far. So we are excited to put it in motion,”-Michael Chadwick.

“This by far is one of the best (suits). They put a whole fashion side to it and it top of the line, it was amazing. I’m really glad I was a part of it, not just this event, but a part of designing the swim suit. I signed with TYR a year and a half ago and that was when they started designing the Venzo suit.”

“I’ve never put on one suit and jumped in the water and been like, “wow I feel fast.” This suit makes me feel amazing and I’m so excited and ready to race in this suit. You’re going to see a lot of world records broken in this suit,”-Ryan Lochte.

“For open water, since the 10K is a two hour event, the highest priority for me is the comfort. Obviously you want the most buoyant and frictionless, which this suit has. But it is also extremely comfortable on the straps which is really important for me. The 10K is going to hurt pretty bad anyway so the last thing you want is your shoulders or arms hurting because of the suit you are wearing. I know that this suit won’t do that to me which is really comforting to go into a race knowing that it is not going to be digging into your shoulders and adding on to the pain you’re probably already going to be experiencing,”-Ashley Twichell.