NISCA to Extend Deadlines, Waive Late Fees for All-America


Due to disruptions in the swimming calendar from the coronavirus outbreak, NISCA is extending its deadline for All-America applications and waiving late fees.

The organization announced Monday, a day ahead of its usual March 31 deadline, that it is extending the deadline for All-American applications until June 15. Late fees will not be applied.

The March 31 deadline had been intended for winter season All-America programs and fall and winter Academic and Scholar Teams.

“We understand that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get some of the necessary signatures and transcripts for the Academic and Scholar Team programs as well as for the All-America Swimming, US Para Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo programs,” the statement reads.

Applications can be submitted through the online portal at, with accompanying materials to be sent in via mail as long as they’re postmarked by June 15. The NISCA All-America program’s other rules, which can be found here, remain as before.

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  1. Brian Nabeta

    So, ALL American status for swimming will not have California included (barring some miracle that Shelter in Place gets lifted and swimmers get back to the pool). CA was to have their Sections May 8-9 and States May 15-16. Wondering what other states have not had their championships.

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