NCAA Women’s Division I Championships: Day One Prelims Live Coverage

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 21. THE first day of preliminary competition is complete at the NCAA Division I Women's Championships at the IU Natatorium at IUPUI. Special thanks to SpeedoUSA for sponsoring our editorial coverage for this meet.

Georgia had a monster day with nine swimmers and two relays back this evening. The Bulldogs are looking to dethrone the two-time defending champs – The California Golden Bears.

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NCAA Day One Prelims Live Coverage

We are LIVE at the NCAA Division I Women's Championships at the IU Natatorium at IUPUI. This coverage is sponsored by SpeedoUSA!

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Tennessee made a statement with the top-seeded time of3:30.16 as Lauren Solernou (53.02), Molly Hannis (58.27), Kelsey Floyd (51.47)and Lindsay Gendron (47.40) put together the strong time.  Tennessee has never won the 400 medley relay,and is looking to break through that barrier this evening.


Stanford's Maddy Schaefer (52.91), Sarah Haase (59.04),Felicia Lee (51.97) and Andrea Murez (46.94) placed second in 3:30.86, while TexasA&M's Paige Miller (51.64), Breeja Larson (57.55), Caroline McElhany(52.64) and Liliana Ibanez Lopez (49.10) also cleared 3:31 with a third-place3:30.93.


Arizona (3:31.12), Georgia (3:31.52), California (3:31.58),Texas (3:32.96) and Florida (3:33.03) grabbed the rest of the championship heatspots, while Indiana (3:33.45), Auburn (3:33.58), Minnesota (3:33.99), NotreDame (3:35.21), North Carolina (3:35.29), Missouri (3:36.03), Wisconsin(3:36.03) and San Diego State (3:36.15) all picked up consolation heatspots. 


Four teams suffered DQs with the biggest likely beingSouthern California.  Virginia Tech,Louisville and UCLA also had their times wiped out with disqualifications. 

Top 8, Tenn, Stan, Texas A&M, Arizona, Georgia, Cal, Texas, Florida #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Stanford has had an impressive morning! Andi looked awesome finishing! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Stanford (3:30.86) wins ht4 AZ (3:31.12) #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
USC DQ in final heat of w 400 medley relay #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Gendron takes Tenn to ht3 win in 3:30.16 Texas A&M (3:30.93) #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
UGA (3:31.52), Cal (3:31.58) 1-2 in ht2 of 400 medley relay #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Va Tech DQs relay in ht 2 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
CAL saving the backstroker!! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
UNC 3:35.29 takes ht 1 of 400 medley relay #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
UCLA, Louisville DQ 400 medley relays in ht 1 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA


The big team winners in the splash-and-dash proved to beGeorgia and Tennessee as the Southeastern Conference programs both went two upin the sprint.  That's some serious rangefrom the Bulldogs, who not only grabbed serious points in the 500 free, butalso secured strong sprint points. 


Arizona's Margo Geer is the early favorite after dropping asizzling time of 21.73.  That's just offher lifetime best of 21.64 that ranks her in an eight-place tie all time withDara Torres in the event.  She's lookingto return the title to the Wildcats after a three-year drought following LaraJackson's back-to-back wins in 2008-09. Diane Johnson (1982) and Ashley Tappin(1995) are also former Wildcat victors in this event.


Georgia's Megan Romano, one of the most feared big-meetsprinters in the country, tied with Stanford's Maddy Schaefer for second withmatching 21.99s. Tennessee's Caroline Simmons would love to be the first LadyVolunteer to win the event since Nicole deMan in 1996, after qualifying fourthwith a 22.05.  Teammate Faith Johnsoncould beat Simmons to the punch after qualifying seventh in 22.19. 


Wisconsin's Ivy Martin (22.10), USC's Kasey Carlson (22.18)and Georgia's Chantal Van Landeghem (22.21) made their ways into the championshipheat to battle for the NCAA title as well.


Texas' Ellen Lobb (22.22), Florida's Natalie Hinds (22.27),Yale's Alexandra Forrester (22.35), Auburn's Emily Bos (22.35), Florida State'sTiffany Oliver (22.36), USC's Katarzyna Wilk (22.36), Arizona's Megan Lafferty(22.38) and Buffalo's Mallory Morrell (22.39) qualified ninth through 16thto make up the consolation heat. 

MarGO Geer crushes 50 free ht with a 21.73 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Geer looked great, so controlled. No one touches her tonight. via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Romano/Schaefer blast 22 seconds! 21.99 to win ht 6 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Tenn's Simmons nearly 1st to clear 22 with a 22.05 to win ht 5 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Flederbach checks in with a 22.41 in ht4 of 50 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Bos with a 22.35 in ht3 of 50 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Lafferty of Arizona with a 22.38 tops ht2 of 50 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
22.61 for Breeja Larson in ht1 of 50 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA


The field began to battle back from what looked to be anearly attempt at a first-day knockout shot from Georgia in the 500 free.  The Golden Bears went two up, while SouthernCalifornia went two up, one down in the shorter medley.  Georgia, however, managed a one up, one downeffort in the event.


Stanford's Maya DiRado, the ninth-fastest swimmer ever inthe event, raced to the top seed in 1:54.56. She will be bracketed byCalifornia's Elizabeth Pelton (1:55.00) and USC's Stina Gardell (1:55.01) inthe finale.  DiRado is looking to win herprogram's eighth title in the event, the most ever in NCAA history in the 200IM.  Former Stanford winners are SusieRapp (1986), Janel Jorgensen (1990), Summer Sanders (1991, 1992), JennyThompson (1995), Julia Smith (2009, 2010). That's some pretty illustrious company.


Florida's Elizabeth Beisel qualified fourth in 1:55.05, whileColumbia's Katie Meili could give the favorites a run for their money with afifth-seeded 1:55.45.  Defending championand NCAA/American record holder Caitlin Leverenz put in an easy-speedsixth-seeded time of 1:55.80, and will look to turn up the heat in finals. 


USC's Meghan Hawthorne (1:55.84) and Georgia's MelanieMargalis (1:55.98) also made the finale, and will be vying for the NCAA titlethis evening.


Texas A&M's Caroline McElhany (1:56.49), Notre Dame'sEmma Reaney (1:56.63), Georgia's Annie Zhu (1:56.97), North Carolina's CarolynBlalock (1:57.04), Louisville's Tanja Kylliainen (1:57.08), Penn State'sMerritt Krawczyk (1:57.16), USC's Andrea Kropp (1:57.16) and Texas A&M'sErica Dittmer (1:57.67) grabbed the B final transfer spots.   

Top 8 Dirado, Pelton, Gardell, Beisel, Meili, Leverenz, Hawthorne, Margalis #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Pelton (1:55.00), Beisel (1:55.05), Meili (1:55.45) #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Maya DiRado surges to 1:54.56 in ht 7 Gardell (1:55.01), Leverenz (1:55.80) #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Dirado NAILING the walls – FREE SPEED!! Leverenz needs to move! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Margalis 1:55.98 scorches ht 6 of 200 IM #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
How are there women STILL not doing a back to breast turn??? I don't get it? It is FASTER – learn it. via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Paige Miller races to ht 5 win in 1:57.72, Macklin nearly catches her in 1:57.84 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Blalock rocks ht4 with a 1:57.04! #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Blalock will swim tonight for sure! North Carolina having a GREAT showing so far! Rich Deselm in the house! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Sogar backhalves to ht3 win in 1:58.82. Salli of Ariz 1:58.95 from lane 1 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
McClellan powers to ht2 win in 1:59.26 in 200 IM #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Tarazona tops 200 IM ht 1 in 1:59.31 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA


Georgia dominated the middle-distance event with a three up,two down performance from the Bulldogs. Sophomore Amber McDermott jumped to the top of the heap with a 4:36.26as the top seed, while Shannon Vreeland raced to second in 4:36.45.  Meanwhile three-time NCAA champion in thisevent, Allison Schmitt, put in an easy fifth-seeded 4:37.76.  Schmitt, who took last year off to focus onthe Olympics after winning the event in 2009, 2010 and 2011, is vying to becomejust the 12th swimmer to ever win an event four times in a career,including a pair of former Bulldogs in Kara Lynn Joyce (50 free, 100 free) andMary DeScenza (200 fly).


While plenty of Bulldogs will be shooting for that program'sfifth NCAA title in the event (Laura Conway also won in 2006), Indiana'sLindsay Vrooman could be a spoiler after qualifying third in 4:36.97. Defendingchampion Haley Anderson, who took the open water silver medal in London,qualified fourth with a 4:37.03 and will be looking for a second crown. 


UNC's Danielle Siverling pushed the pace outside of thecircle-seeded heats and managed to earn her way to a sixth-seeded 4:38.39, whileTennessee's Lindsay Gendron (4:38.47) and Arizona's Bonnie Brandon (4:38.63)rounded out the championship finale.


Texas A&M's Sarah Henry (4:38.70), Minnesota's KieraJanzen (4:38.70), Florida's Jessica Thielmann (4:38.84), Georgia's BrittanyMacLean (4:38.84), Texas A&M's Maureen McLaine (4:39.56), California'sCatherine Breed (4:40.82), West Virginia's Rachael Burnett (4:41.13) andGeorgia's Jordan Mattern (4:41.55) earned the consolation final spots. 

Amazing 500 free for Georgia, 3 up 2 down #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Top 8 McDermott, Vreeland, Vrooman, Anderson, Schmitt, Siverling, Gendron, Brandon #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Gendron (4:38.47) touches out Henry (4:38.70) and Janzen (4:38.70) in final heat! 500 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
WOW great finish on Gendron. via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Offutt loses cap and goggles! UGH! Falls WAY behind #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
THAT was the kind of heat I was expecting! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
McDermott tops ht7 500 free (4:36.26), Vrooman (4:36.97), defending champ Anderson (4:37.03) #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
OK, clearly My prediction was too bold! Keeping it fun though!! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Vreeland (4:36.45), Schmitt (4:37.76) Brandon (4:38.63) 1-2-3 in ht 6! #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Love this heat! FAST! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Cal's Breed with a 4:40.82 to lead ht 5 of 500 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Nice swim for Breed 4:40.82 but I still don't think that makes it back. Great sign for @CalAthletics though! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
1:49.8 is out real fast by Ackman – frosh jitters or real deal? via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Cal's Klaren holds off hard-charging O'Brien 4:42.99 to 4:43.38 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
IU's O'Brien, Cal's Klaren battling in ht4 500 free #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Heat 4 of the 500 free #NCAA2013 #Hoosiers Swim and Dive
Siverling doing it for Peacock??? via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
UNC's Siverling well out in front going into bell lap #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Freshman Hanne Borgersen places 2nd in heat 3 in a time of 4:43.43, the ninth-fastest mark on #UVaSD's all-time list!Virginia Swim & Dive
Arkansas's Nicole Menzel pulls away down stretch for ht2 win in 500 free 4:43.97 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Arizona's Ashley Evans tops ht1 of 500 free 4:47.95 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
North Texas' Phillips looking good! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
Ashley Evans of Arizona is out way ahead right away in heat 1 of the 500 freestyle, 53.63 at the 100; 1:51.55 at the 200
In many cases you just need to swim seed time to make it back. I predict you'll need to go faster to make finals in the 500! via CoachBracSwimmingWorld
Bold, maybe crazy, prediction that it takes under 4:40 to top 16! #fastwomen via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld


Arizona definitely put itself in position to win for thefirst time in the event since a four-year run of success from 2006-09.  Margo Geer (21.88), Kaitlyn Flederbach(21.97), Megan Lafferty (21.81) and Alan Pazeviz (22.19) turned in a1:27.85.  That's only a second off whatit took Stanford to win last year (1:26.85), and could push the Wildcats totheir eight title in the event's history. They currently own second with seven behind only Texas' amazing ninewins.   Arizona previously won in 1996,97, 98, 06, 07, 08 and 09.  Since 2009,Florida, California and Stanford have stood atop the podium.


Georgia joined the Wildcats under 1:28 as Maddie Locus(22.91), Chantal Van Landeghem (21.76) and Jessica Graber (22.20) set up MeganRomano to pull it home with a blistering fast time of 21.05 as the Bulldogsqualified second in 1:27.92.  Georgia hasfive wins in the event's history, but hasn't topped the sprint relay since afour-year run from 2002-05.  The Bulldogsalso won in 1995. 


Tennessee's Caroline Simmons (22.22), Faith Johnson (21.77),Harper Bruens (22.13) and Kelsey Floyd (21.88) nearly joined the top two under1:28 with a 1:28.00 to qualify third. The Lady Volunteers are looking for their first win in program history inthe 200-yard free relay.


California's Kaylin Bing (22.36), Rachel Bootsma (21.87),Cindy Tran (21.88) and Elizabeth Pelton (22.01) qualified fourth in1:28.12.   USC (1:28.60), Florida(1:28.77) and Texas (1:28.91) comprised the rest of the championship heat withAuburn drawing a huge disqualification after a -0.01 relay takeover by HaleyKrakoski. 


Wisconsin (1:29.39), SMU (1:29.43), Texas A&M (1:29.57),Minnesota (1:29.66), Virginia (1:29.88), Missouri (1:30.15), UCLA (1:30.15) andPenn State (1:30.18) earned their way into the consolation heat. 

expect we might see a couple of personnel changes from some of those teams tonight. Nerves will settle a bit now. via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld

Live 200 free relay coverage

Arizona with a 1:27.85 to lead ht 1 w 200 free relay USC 1:28.42 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Big DQ for Auburn due to relay exchange violation #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Lady Vols blast 1:28.00 in ht2 Stan 2nd in 1:28.60 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
Romano tracks down California as UGA wins h2 w 200 free relay 1:27.92 Cal 1:28.12 #NCAA2013 @SpeedoUSA
@SwimmingWorld @SpeedoUSA Fastest split and fastest reaction time. Way to show up for prelims, Romano! Had to do a double-take…Tim Byers
Almost abt to start! Get fired up! #ncaa2013 @SpeedoUSA
Day 2 of #NCAAD3 gets under way 11am Eastern watch live at @SpeedoUSA via @bearsafSwimmingWorld
Gearing up to cover #ncaa2013 we are blowing doors off coverage this year!
#ncaa2013 prelims starts in a few hours! Shoukd be awesome!
Ready for day 1 of action to begin! #NCAASwimming Swim and Dive


Live stream for #ncaa2013 will be at IHigh.


LIVE results for #ncaa2013 @SpeedoUSA

LOTS of LOVE for competitors!

excited to watch and ride! Enjoy the meet all! via @CoachBrackinSwimmingWorld
@SwimmingWorld @CoachBrackin Love that #NCAA2013 viewing set-up! Here in NY our porches still full of snow! Enjoy the meet all!Erin Quinn
Good luck to all the swimmers who's competing at #NCAA2013. Dive in, have fun n make something proud!! Woot woot… @SwimmingWorldIma
Day one, go time #ncaa2013 #getupCynthia Pammett
Here we gooooo! #NCAA2013 #Day1 #LadyDevils
Best of luck to the Cal Women's Swim Team at NCAA Champs, especially the lone senior @cleverenz. Kick butt over the next 3 days!!! #GoBearsNatalie Coughlin
#NCAA2013 #Mizzou RT @SwimJules: Mizzou Swimming Ladies are ready to go! #voltyellow #GoTigers Swimming & Diving
Day 1 of NCAAs with the best team ever. These girls are the real deal #hookem Sogar
Good luck to my fav training partners! “@AndreaEKropp: @USCswim is ready to GOOOO! NCAA champs session 1! Fight on!”Jessica Hardy
Good luck to all the Arizona Wildcat women competing at NCAA's starting today! @ArizonaSwimming @AZATHLETICSRoland Schoeman
Good luck to @TexasWSD at NCAA championships starting today!!! #hookemRicky Berens
on top of the 10 meter platform (: #ncaa2013Elena Cantley


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