NCAA Division II Presidents Council Votes to Reduce Amount of Contests For 2020-21 School Year


The NCAA Division II President’s Council voted on a teleconference this week to make reductions for the 2020-21 school year regarding number of contests for each sport. This means the maximum and minimum number of competitions will be lower in the 2020-21 school year only because of financial restrictions after COVID-19.

The division’s highest governing body voted to reduce the minimum number of contests needed for sport sponsorship and championships selection by 33%. According to feedback from leadership throughout Division II, many will not be able to afford the same level of travel or meet current standards for championships selections, even if sports begin as scheduled this fall.

For swimming and diving purposes, Division II schools will be allowed to compete in a minimum of five meets and a maximum of 12 next season. Exhibitions, scrimmages, and intrasquad meets will be exempt from counting towards the number of contests.

“The financial challenges faced by institutions because of COVID-19 are considerable and, as we prepare for summer and fall, continue to increase,” said Sandra Jordan, chancellor of South Carolina Aiken and chair of the Division II Presidents Council. “The approved reductions strike an important balance of providing schools with scheduling flexibility, maintaining competitive equity within the one-year reductions to minimums and maximums, and continuing to prioritize opportunities for student-athletes to compete in NCAA championships. Periods of national crisis require carefully considered compromise.”

As part of the decision to reduce the maximum number of contests for the 2020-21 academic year, the Presidents Council issued this statement:

“NCAA Division II conferences and institutions have acknowledged through survey feedback on contests reductions that COVID-19 has presented us with financial challenges that we are proactively addressing together. In that spirit, and as a result of the governance structure’s decision to reduce contest maximums, thus affecting current schedules, we strongly encourage all member institutions and conferences to work cooperatively and collegially when adjusting schedules. Please keep in mind the purpose behind these actions is to assist all institutions with short-term financial concerns so that we may emerge stronger as a membership and division.”

The NCAA Division II Swimming and Diving Championships were hit hard by the COVID cancellations, as the meet was halted after just three sessions, leaving the meet unfinished and without a champion.

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