NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships: USC’s Victoria Ishimatsu Captures One-Meter Diving Title

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AUBURN, Alabama, March 15. USC's Victoria Ishimatsu became just the second Trojan to ever hoist the one-meter springboard hardware at the NCAA Division I Women's Swimming and Diving Championships. Ishimatsu captured the one-meter diving title with 354.10 points, to join Blythe Hartley as one-meter winners for USC. Hartley opened and closed her collegiate career with victories in 2002 and 2006.

Texas A&M's Jaele Patrick took second with 348.90 points, while Auburn's Vennie Dantin placed third with 338.90 points. Arizona's Samantha Pickens (334.55), Minnesota's Margaret Keefer (332.40), Texas A&M's Janie Potvin (320.85), Virginia Tech's Logan Kline (317.75) and Stanford's Stephanie Phipps (312.50) also dove in the finale.

Ohio State's Bianca Alvarez (340.50), Michigan's Amanda Lohman (317.90), Virginia Tech's Kaylea Arnett (312.60), Indiana's Laura Ryan (307.55), Tennessee's Jodie McGroarty (304.00), Arizona State's Elina Eggers (289.20), South Carolina (288.65) and New Mexico's Gabby Erickson (267.90) competed in the consolation finals.

Stanford became the first team to crack 100 points with 100 on the dot. USC (96), California (92), Georgia (77) and Arizona (73) had the other top five tallies.

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