Nation’s Capital Swim Club to Welcome Team Back to Practice Under Strict Social Distancing Guidelines

NCAP's Chase Travis; a member of the national junior team. Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Nation’s Capital Swim Club, one of USA Swimming’s premiere clubs in the nation, has laid out its plans to safely return to practice as the coaches and swimmers will need to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, like many other programs in the US as mandated by USA Swimming.

NCAP CEO Tom Ugast sent a letter to all members of the club this week updating them about the current situation. The club is following guidance from the governors of Virginia and Maryland and the mayor of the District of Columbia. The full letter can be read on Nation’s Capital Swim Club’s home page.

There has been no official time table for when NCAP sites will go back to practice, but when that happens each coach will wear masks and gloves during practice at all times, and will need to be wearing them upon and entering and exiting the facilities. Athletes and coaches must maintain six feet distance at all times, with tape markings along the entrance for swimmers to line up six feet apart.

In each facility, there will be a one-way entrance and a one-way exit, and locker rooms will be limited to restroom use only. There will be a 20-minute window between practices where all athletes exiting the facility must do so before any athletes enter for the following practices. Coaches will also be taking temperatures for each athlete before practice and any individual with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be sent home.

Nation’s Capital Swim Club’s full document of social distancing guidelines can be downloaded here.

Athletes will be required to arrive already in their swimsuits and will not be allowed to shower at the facility. They will only be allowed to line up for practice five minutes before scheduled practice time and if they arrive early they should wait in their cars. Athletes should bring their own water bottle already filled to practice and will not be allowed to store their equipment bags at the facility.

If someone were to test positive for COVID-19, that individual must let the staff know immediately, and the facility will be shut down for no less than 24 hours to deep clean. If any athlete or staff member has a fever or symptoms of illnesses, they may not attend practice until 14 days after the fever or symptoms has ceased, and athletes and staff must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19.

Nation’s Capital Swim Club is currently home to current national team member Phoebe Bacon and national junior team members Paige McKennaClaire Nguyen and Chase Travis. Historically, the club has produced many great swimmers including Katie Ledecky and Andrew Seliskar.

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