Nathan Adrian Announces PET Scans ‘Clean’

Nathan Adrian at the 2019 Pro Swim Series event in Santa Clara. Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

Nathan Adrian posted a promising update on his battle with testicular cancer on Monday.

The Olympic champion said his PET scans were clean.

“Scans came back clean. Back to real life! Blood test in 2 months and more scans in 3!”

Adrian has said he will be “under close surveillance” and will be having lots of doctor appointments and scans over the next several years.

“This journey is far from over but I did want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support and kindness through all this. I have been doing my best to get back to normal life but now that this decision has been made, we can get moving 100% on achieving my goals in and out of the water.”

Adrian was diagnosed with testicular cancer on January 25 and underwent surgery to remove some of his lymph nodes on January 29. Adrian quickly made a return to the weight room on February 4 and has been in good spirits throughout this whole process.

Adrian has not indicated if he will be swimming in any meets in the near future as the next big meet would be the TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Des Moines, Iowa, March 6-9. Adrian is also listed on the roster for the World Championships team this summer as well as the Pan American Games.

Adrian said he originally felt swelling in his groin area and thought it was nothing at first but decided to get it looked at after a few days of it being prevalent. Adrian said he learned from his mom, who is a nurse, and his sister, who is a physician’s assistant, that if something is wrong then he needs to check it out.

Adrian has wanted to bring more awareness to men’s health because a lot of Americans will have to go through a similar talk with their doctors. He even noted that he had gotten a lot of feedback from people in his own social circle saying “me too” after he opened up about his own diagnosis.

Adrian also stated he hopes to make it to the 2020 Olympics for Team USA, but he will still be under a surveillance plan to make sure the cancer does not return. According to two-time Olympian Eric Shanteau, the surveillance plan is about ten years.


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