Most Read Swimming World News Items: January-February

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 26. WE average more than 3,000 news items posted a year here at Swimming World, and 2012 proved to be a particularly prolific year with nearly 4,000 items posts. With the end of the year coming, we're going to look back at the most read items from the previous year. Today, we look at the most read news items from January and February.

1. A Look Ahead to Olympics for Water Polo in February Issue of Swimming World Magazine — February 5, 2012
2. The Morning Swim Show, Feb. 13, 2012: Journey to the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing — February 13, 2012
3. The Morning Swim Show, Jan. 26, 2012: Connor Green One to Watch in Backstroke — January 26, 2012
4. Olympic Flashback to 1920-36 Summer Olympics in February Issue of Swimming World Magazine — February 6, 2012
5. The Morning Swim Show, Jan. 31, 2012: BYU's Tim Powers Talks About Retiring to Go on Mission — January 31, 2012
6. Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen Writes About The Lifetime of Sport as the Best Gift of Swimming — January 8, 2012
7. High School State Championships: Arkansas Boys and Girls — February 27, 2012
8. Tennessee Relieves John Trembley of Head Coaching Duties; Trembley Now Under Criminal Investigation; Trembley's Lawyer Releases Statement — January 5, 2012
9. Zurich International Meet: Flori Lang Double in Sprint Knockouts — February 26, 2012
10. Case for Volume Made in First of Two-Part Series in February Issue of Swimming World Magazine — February 9, 2012