Morning Swim Show: Certifying Masters Coaches A Rewarding Venture For Scott Bay

JACKSONVILLE, Florida, September 23. OUR series of interviews from the American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic continues on today’s edition of The Morning Swim Show, featuring Masters swimming coach Scott Bay.

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Bay attended the clinic to help Masters coaches attain certain levels of coaching, in the same vein that ASCA helps to certify its coaches. Bay talks about the various certification levels in Masters coaching, and the partnership with ASCA to help make it happen. Currently, Masters coaches can earn a Level I certification – “the nuts and bolts … that a lot of coaches don’t think about” – to Level 4. That highest level, Bay says, is obtained with an impressive portfolio of achievements that he said “has caused a lot of our coaches to raise their game.” A Level 5 is in the works, Bay said.

For all the teaching he’s doing, Bay said he also is learning a lot about the sport from feedback and talking with his peers at the clinic. He said he takes that information back to Team Blu Frog in Orlando and it helps his squad improve each year.

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