Michael Phelps Has Taken Name Out of Drug Testing Pool; Officially Retired

Photo Courtesy: David Rieder

Michael Phelps has officially taken the steps to make his retirement official. He told reporters Monday evening at the Golden Goggles in New York City that he has already removed himself from the USADA Drug Testing pool.

“I said to Peter, I was like, get the papers, can we just sign these things, so I don’t have to do the daily updates and everything? That was brutal [the whereabouts system]. It’s good. I’m still in the pool [recreationally]. I’m still not coming back,” Phelps said to NBC Olympic Talk’s Nick Zaccardi.

Phelps won four Golden Goggle awards Monday night after making that announcement, taking home the Impact Award, Relay of the Year Award, Male Race of the Year and Male Athlete of the Year.

Read more from NBC Olympic Talk here.


    • Haley Sofiane

      So happy he is going out on top!! We will miss him.

  1. Richard P. Morrall

    Enjoy your retirement from the sport and have as much happiness in the rest of your life as you had in competition.

  2. Lilliam Maldonado

    Great job Michael Phelps. Many blessings for you and family in this new stage of your life.

  3. Mar Herr


  4. avatar

    He inspired a lot of people !!!
    Great job man, you made history, and not only in swimming 🙂

  5. André Jorge

    Afonso Camacho eu disse-te que ele não voltava 😉

    • Afonso Camacho

      agora e que vou nadar 200 mariposa

  6. Charlene Tallen

    When will we ever see another as awesome as he was? Thanks for the memories Mr. Phelps.

  7. Doina Bogdan

    Enjoy your retirement. It was a joy to follow you during your swimming career. All the best for your future!

  8. Doina Bogdan

    Stephanie Bogdan 🙁 Mon nageur préféré s’est retiré. 🙁

  9. Hugo Oyarzabal

    We’ll miss u!
    The best of the best!

  10. Gail Turner

    Such a gracious champion.

  11. Adam Paul

    Enjoy retirement my friend.

  12. avatar
    Chuck Kroll

    Best to your Aquatic future Michael. Both in and out of the water. Cheers!

  13. Ken Holland

    No one will ever match your commitment, but you have inspired both young and old alike. Stay active and remain in swimming, it is what you KNOW….better than anyone .

  14. Jill McIlveen

    Anne McIlveen give me a second while I go ball my eyes out???

  15. Mahmoud Hamed

    Will miss you and your recording

  16. Ricki Clausen

    As he did four years ago…. he will return for Tokyo.

    • Greg Born

      What are you saying?

    • Ricki Clausen

      Exactly what I wrote. He announced retirement and pulled out of all official duties four years ago like he does now. And then returned two years before Rio. He will still be able to compete at a very high level in four years …. so I think he will.

    • Izzy Brick

      I’m still going to fangirl over him

  17. Barbara Haden

    Blessing for you and your family Michael ! Your a Legend!!