Michael Phelps Explains Baby Boomer Robert’s Name in Facebook Live Q&A

Photo Courtesy: Kara Sekenski

Michael Phelps was back again yesterday for another Facebook Live Q&A.

Now that the world finally knows Baby Boomer Robert‘s name, Phelps shared how he and fiancé Nicole Johnson chose “Boomer”. They wanted “something different and something cool.” Phelps heard the name and thought it was “neat” and they both fell in love with it.

“Robert” is in honor of Phelps’ coach Bob Bowman and Phelps’ great grandmother, Roberta.

Baby Boomer spent his first night at home, and Phelps admits he and fiancé Nicole Johnson did not get much sleep, but calls welcoming his son into the world the most amazing experience.

While Boomer does not make his debut on camera, Phelps promised his son would make an appearance once Phelps returns home again from altitude training. Phelps does plan for his son to travel to Rio, should he make the U.S. Olympic team.

Phelps also shows off Boomer’s first MP suit, which he’ll wear for his eventual first swim. The new father has not yet changed a diaper, but does plan to learn how.

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